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Remember the days when you were climbing the talent ladder at your local spot? Knowing how hard it is to stand out of the pack? All of the expensive equipment you broke getting to the top? No?

I’m often asked about sponsorship and where can it be found. Making it as a freelance amatuer on the competitive path is expensive. Whether you’re a surfer, skater, or rider, not everyone can afford to follow the internatiol tour, travel to the most happening bowl or terrain, or have a personal photographer record their every move. That’s were sponsorship comes in, and landing this kind of support often comes down to elements beyond your control.

Here in a state that offers a potpori of extreme sports venues, turning utahs local talent into big names can be difficult. Having seen the competitive playing field of getting sponsored, I’d like to introduce you to the aggressor that evens the playing field; Sponsor Me. With webcasts, a dedicated site, a management that aligns itself with action sports they provide grass root competitions in surf, skate, moto and BMX. You are provided with the opportunity to compete equally with the best.

Sponsor Me works with companies to provide their athletes with the gear needed to really perform. Combine your favorite reality talent show be it American idol or Americas got talent with the x games and that is the opportunity Sponsor Me provides.

So show them what you’ve got and maybe you can be the next big star.

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