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Winter Dew Tour Feeds the Olympics

The US Olympic snowboard team is choked full of Winter Dew Tour athletes and to get you ready for today’s men’s halfpipe competition we thought we would share some  of the riders that make up the talented Olympic team from the Winter Dew Tour. Maybe you have heard of that red headed brother, Shaun White, he’s the veteran of the team. The other three on the team are making their Olympic debut but have plenty of experience competing against the world’s best. Scotty Lago finished 3rd in the Dew Cup race last year behind tour winner Shaun White. Greg Bretz was 7th overall and Louie Vito finished 8th while only competing in two of the three tour stops. This year Shaun, Louie and Greg focused solely on the Olympics and did not compete in the Dew tour but Scotty Lago made the Breckenridge and Snowbasin stops. Check them out and wish them luck today. Go U.S.A!!!

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