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Smith Optics Spoiler Sunglasses

While the glasses carry fashion style and look great, it’s the recycled products that make the sunglasses one of a kind. The sunglasses frame and lenses, cloth carrying case and even the shipping box are made  from recycled products. I was excited to see a company go this direction but was wary at first that the product wouldn’t be as durable as the other products and that Smith’s lifetime warranty would be used over and over again. But after putting the glasses through some good tests here is my review:

–        The lenses cut most UV rays and bright glare with the amber color of the lenses

–        The amber lenses allow for the light to dim outside while you still wear the glasses without having to take them off to see

–        The frames are quite durable and can bend out extensively without cracking

–        All of the places the frames rest of the face (nose and side of head) have been padded to provide extra comfort for long wear

–        The only downside to the glasses is that they are a wide frame pair and so a person with a smaller face couldn’t wear them

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