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Brad Jay – MC, Floor Announcer, And T Squared Correspondent – X Games Asia 2010

X Games Asia Shanghai 2010

It’s my 4th year in a row heading to the red city to announce Skateboarding (my true love) and BMX. One thing for sure about traveling to China is that you had better watch what you eat. I can some it up best by saying stay away from Street Meat and you should be good to go bro!

I was set to fly out of Santa Barbara on a Tuesday and then connecting a flight in San Francisco straight to Shanghai’s Pu Dong Airport with only a 2 hour layover in San Fran. Sounds easy enough, right? Remember we are talking modern day air-travel which basically tends to suck. The flight out of Santa Barbara was scheduled to take off 94 minutes later then its’ original time, that still gave me 15 minutes to make my flight in San Fran. As luck would have it the pilot comes on the PA and says “weather in SF is not that good , so we are gonna wait on the tarmac for the next 15 minutes then take off, so Brad J that means you are screwed big time and thanks for flying the friendly sky’s!” Well he didn’t say the thing about me being screwed but I knew what he meant; I can read through the lines!

After landing in San Francisco and seeing that my Shanghai Flight had left without me it was time to make a scene at the United Counter and be “That Guy”!! I bitched and moaned for about 20 minutes at United and ended up with a hotel voucher, $250 Coupon, and $15 for breakfast the next day. Next day arrives, so I head to the SF Airport to try and board the flight to Shanghai a day late. This time I made my flight and got the upgrade to Business Class. Do you know how hard it is to bring a skateboard into Business Class?? It ain’t easy let me tell you. In Business Class you can watch as many movies on-demand as you want. It was time to begin the Brad J movie marathon.

I arrived into to Shanghai finally on Thursday night to find out that there already was a BMX Vert Final that day and I missed it! I found out that Jamie Bestwick had won it! Wow, that is breaking news, not! Jamie has probably won about 343 Vert Contests in his career so it was no big surprise there. I was stoked however to see my English Bro Simon Tabron grab 2nd place.

I woke up Friday morning for my 1st day of official announcing work, only to see it pouring down rain. Of course it rained all day long to my luck. The day was a complete loss, no comps at all. Saturday morning was a different story the weather had changed for the better and it was time to hit the Skate Park Course. Rodolfo Ramos (Goo Goo), Austen Seaholm (The Combo Master) and Tyler Hendley (White Chocolate) hit the jam session with their usual assault tactics. Rodolfo took an early lead over Austen and Tyler, and then Austen came back swinging with his 3 tricks in one approach and securing him in the top spot. Just when you thought it was over Tyler Hendley pulled one out of his butt and ended up beating both Goo Goo and The Combo Master and winning 7,000 bucks in doing so.

Sunday, Sunday ,Sunday, was Skateboard Vert Day and the first ever Mini Megaramp competition on Chinese Soil. It was great seeing the Mini Mega Comp unveiled at X this year. It is less threatening than it’s Counter part, The Megaramp at X Games in L.A., another Competition I announce in August. Names like Rob Lorafice, Sandro Dias, 3 Time X Games Asia winners Andy Macdonald, Adam taylor and PLG Pierre Luc Gagnon, were all there! It was probably the deepest talent pool we had in a while at X games Asia. PLG came out like a man on a mission. When the dust cleared PLG had won both The Mini Megaramp and the Vert Comp. He ended up clearing 14,000 dollars with both wins.

This year’s X Games Asia set-up was one of the best for sure; it keeps getting bigger and better!! I can’t wait for next year. Next up for me off to Augusta Georgia for a Skateboard/ BMX Triples Jump and then The 1st stop on The Dew Tour in Boston for The International Skateboard Championships, stay tuned…mmmmmm later..  Brad J X Games, Dew Tour Skateboard, BMX, and MTX Annouuncer.

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