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X Games 16 Predicition

With the X Games upon us, myself and Brad Jay, the voice of the games, got our head together to make a few predictions. Check back and see how we did in 5 days.

Skate Big Air

Athletes: Pedro Barros, Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Rob Loriface, Andy MacDonald, Edgard Pereira, Adam Taylor, Lincoln Ueda, Danny Way

Tyler Tate: Jake Brown

Reason Why: As the returning champion from 2009 Skate Big Air, Jake Brown feels like he needs to redeem the win. A part of him feels that Bob Burnquist should have won last year and he wants to show that he is at the top and can do it without controversy.

Brad Jay: Bob Burnquist

Reason Why: Because he has is own mega ramp in his backyard

Skate Park Men

Athletes: Pedro Barros, Chad Bartie, Bob Burnquist, Curren Caples, Jake Duncombe, Rune Glifberg, David Gravette, Omar Hassan, Ben Hatchell, Bucky Lasek, Johnny Layton, Andy MacDonald, Andrew Langi, Alex Olson, Alex Perelson, Collin Provost, John Rattray, Keegan Sauder, Ryan Sheckler, Tony Trujillo

Tyler Tate: Ryan Sheckler

Reason Why: Two-time XG gold medalist, Sheckler is having his first healthy season in three years. Ryan has come back strong finishing 2nd at the Boston Dew Tour in June.

Brad Jay: Rune Glifburg

Reason Why: Because he can skate everything, plus he helped design the park course so he knows it in and out!

Skate Street

Athletes: Brian Anderson (USA), Mark Appleyard (CAN), Justin Brock (USA), Nick Dompierre (USA), Corey Duffel (USA), Adam Dyet (USA), Stefan Janoski (USA), Nyjah Houston, Johnny Latyon, Sean Malto, Shane O’Neill, Alex Olson, Chaz Ortiz, Peter Ramondetta, Roldolfo Ramos, Leo Romero, Omar Salazar, Bastien Salabanzi, Nick Trapasso, Ryan Sheckler, Jamie Tancowny

Tyler Tate: Bastien Salabanzi

Reason Why: Back to riding competitions in 2010 and looking great in the Boston dew tour stop, this technical rider will have his southern California home crowd behind him and will use that energy for the win.

Brad Jay: Bastien Salabanzi

Reason Why: Because he is just that good, the flying French man will kill it.

Skate Vert

Athletes: Pedro Barros (Alternate), Marcelo Bastos, Bob Burnquist, Sandro Dias, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Bucky Lasek, Andy MacDonald, Danny Mayer, Rob Loriface, Alex Perelson, Shaun White

Tyler Tate: Shaun White

Reason Why: If he is healthy after pulling out from the Boston Dew Tour, Shaun is looking to make the first big splash to kick his summer season off. Expect consistency with big air and huge rodeos

Brad Jay: Pierre Luc Gagnon

Reason Why: Coming off two wins already Asian X Games and Boston. Dude has a big bag of trick fo sho!

BMX Big Air

Athletes: Andy Buckworth, Alan Cooke (Alternate), Chad Kagy, Steve McCann, Anthony Napolitan, Kevin Robinson, Morgan Wade

Tyler Tate: Kevin Robinson

Reason Why: Guinness Record holder of the biggest air and the only rider to land the double flair. Enough Said.

Brad Jay: Kevin Robinson

Reason Why: He has the biggest no handed flair you have ever seen on the 27 foot quarter pipe

BMX Park

Athletes: Brett Banasiewcz, Drew Benzanson, Cory Bohan, Diogo Canina, Scotty Cranmer, Rob Darden, Daniel Dhers, Brandon Dosch, Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Ryan Guettler, Chase Hawk, Dave Mirra,, Andy Buckworth (Alternate), Ryan Nyquist, Garrett Reynolds, Geoff Slattery, Jeremiah Smith, Morgan Wade, Mark Webb, Gary Young, Craig Mast (Alternate)

Tyler Tate: Morgan Wade

Reason Why: Morgan is considered a wild rider who brings all eyes to the course when he drops in. Driven more by the desire to have fun and push his limits than to play it safe for consistent contest results, he is full of surprises. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but everyone will be talking about what he did regardless.

Brad Jay: Daniel Dhers

Reason Why: Because he is hungry for his 1st win.

BMX Vert

Athletes: Jamie Bestwick, Vince Byron, Chad Kagy, Steve McCann, Dennis McCoy, Kevin Robinson, Simon Tabron, Jimmy Walker, Tim Wood, Coco Zurita

Tyler Tate: Jamie Bestwick

Reason Why: 5 straight Dew Tour cup wins, 1 win already this season, it’s gonna be the grand slam for Jamie this year

Brad Jay: Jamie Bestwick

Reason Why: Nobody can stop him

Moto Best Trick

Athletes: Taka Higashino (Alternate), Rich Kearns (Alternate), Kyle Loza, Clint Moore, Travis Pastrana, Todd Potter, Paris Rosen, Cameron Sinclair, Jack Strong, Blake “Bilko” Williams

Tyler Tate: Paris Rosen

Reason Why: No handed front flip!

Brad Jay: Travis

Reason Why: Because he will land the infamous TP Roll

Moto Best Whip

Athletes: Beau Bamburg, Josh Grant, Josh Hansen, Jarryd McNeil, Todd Potter, Jeremey Stenberg

Tyler Tate: Todd Potter

Reason Why: Do I hear three-peat? He rarely competes anywhere but X, and he is a showman and competes well under the pressure

Brad Jay: Todd Potter

Reason Why: He has the whips on lock down

Motocross Freestyle

Athletes: Nate Adams, Rob Adelberg (Alternate), Lance Coury (Alternate), Nixey Danielson (Alternate), Take Higashino, Adam Jones, Robbie Maddison, Mike Mason, Jim McNeil (Alternate), Todd Potter, Travis Pastrana, Mat Rebeaud, Jeremy Stenberg, Eigo Sato, Levi Sherwood, Jackson Strong, Dany Torres, Andre Villa, Brody Wilson

Tyler Tate: Travis Pastrana

Reason Why: After being off the podium last year Travis is here to get the top spot this year. With another year underneath him and time to develop the final few touches on his tricks, expect big air and massive combinations.

Brad Jay: Nate Adams

Reason Why: Just missed the win last year, this year Bilko is out opening up the door for the destroyer.

Motocross Step Up

Athletes: Max Anstie, Nate Adams, Brian Deegan, Ronnie Renner, Josh Hansen, Josh Hill, Kevin Johnson, Mike Metzger, Travis Pastrana, Mat Rebeaud, Cole Seely, Jeremy Stenberg, Ivan Tedesco, Aron Harvey (Alternate)

Tyler Tate: Ronnie Renner

Reason Why: Experience and passion is going to get Ronnie up and over the top this year. He was a finalist last year in X Games 15, look for him to go big.

Brad Jay: Ronnie Renner

Reason Why: With The G.O.A.T. out, no more double gold’s here. Ronnie who’s your daddy Renner will be victorious.






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