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X Games Day 2: Skateboarding Vert – The return of Shaun

Pierre-Luc Gagnon marked his spot in X Games history as he took the gold for the third year in a row during the Skateboard Vert Men’s Finals, at Nokia Theatre on Friday. Gagnon, who has a total of five X Games gold medals, is the only man to three-peat in Skateboard Vert. “There was a lot of pressure because no one has ever done that before. The better you do, the more people expect out of you,” Gagnon said. “But I feed off the pressure. The level of competition gets better but the pressure helps me step it up.” Only the 16th three-peat gold medal in X Games history, Gagnon’s six-foot body varial McTwist into a body varial 5 was the trick that put him ahead of the rest. “I was feeling really good in practice yesterday and I was throwing that trick every try,” Gagnon said. “I decided it doesn’t matter if I miss it on the first two, I’m going to make it on the next two. I’m super stoked to pull it off and I can’t believe I did it.” Shaun White was right on Gagnon’s heels, throwing down with amplitude and an innovative frontside heelflip 540 bodygrab that earned him the silver. “Spirits were really up with the new setting, and the competition was heavy! It felt like it was Pierre and I just battling it out, but it was great,” White said. “There were small details that I think I was missing in my run that would have put me up there higher, but that’s just stuff you need to work on over time.”

Andy Macdonald, a San Diego, Calif. resident, threw in a kickflip melon 5 during his final run to help boost him up for the bronze

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