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Simple Shoes Carport Elastic

I have worn many different styles of shoes in my life, so when I say I absolutely loved the Carport Elastic by Simple Shoes; you can take it to Vegas and bet the farm on it. The Carport Elastic brings back old school with the wool fabric on the back of the shoe but it remains simple and classy.  The shoe features a lace-up look while being a slip on and is incredibly comfortable on the foot. Outside of just basic esthetics of the shoe, they are well made. The sole is not glued on like most shoes today but rather sewn into the whole shoe from two different sew points showing the quality of product Simple Shoes offers. Another great feature is that the suede front reduces the creases you get in the toe of the shoe from where it bends when you walk. This keeps the shoe looking new all the time.

I wore these shoes out to a skateboarding and BMX competition and received compliments on the shoe often. The best part of the shoe is the suede toe. When you hit the shoe and scratch it up it does not show up. The suede will hide any beating you can give to it. Even though the shoe is a slip on, the back of the shoe will not slip off when pushing the skateboard so don’t worry about that. They feel great around your foot and absorb the impact your feet take when you bail of the board or the bike. The only drawback to the shoe is its lack of color features offered. You can find this shoe and other great shoes here: http://www.simpleshoes.com

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