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X Games Day 1: Moto X Freestyle

Happy Birthday Debbie Patrana!! On this day of your birth, your son, Travis brings home his 16 Medal in X Games taking the top spot in Moto X Freestyle, and he didnt even need to double back-flip to win either. However, to celebrate his win he gave us fans a presnt to, showing us the double back-flip. Happy Day for us all. 

Travis Pastrana pulled out every trick as he impressed the judges and brought the fans to their feet when he took the gold medal in the Moto X Freestyle Final at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Thursday. “This is a great start to the X Games,” said Pastrana. “Out of the four events I am competing in, this is the last one I expected to win.” As he entered his third run in the final, Pastrana had the score which would bring him gold but that didn’t stop him from giving the crowd an exciting finish. At times standing up and waving to the crowd, he smoothly executed the double backflip, a notable trick of his that earned him gold in Moto X Best Trick in 2006.

“When I saw the course, I felt that it really favored me,” Pastrana added. “It was a lot of fun, especially the wall rides, and I knew that the only way to beat everyone else was to bring back the double backflip.”

In his X Games debut, New Zealand native Levi Sherwood took home the silver medal, with Nate Adams of Glendale, Ariz., rounding out the top three.  This is Adams’ sixth Freestyle medal, his ninth overall.  

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