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X Games Day 1: Skateboarding Big Air


Minus the controversy of last year, it was déjà vu one year later for Jake Brown as he launched the 70-foot Skateboard Big Air gap at X Games to take in his second gold in a row. Brown went head-to-head with two-time gold medalist Bob Burnquist who took silver trying to land a 900. “I feel really good about my new trick. When we get more practice everyone can expect to see more 900s now that we have a place to practice,” Brown said. “I’m really excited for next year. “Brown backflipped the gap and boosted 22.7 feet with a 540 to take his second X Games gold medal in as many years. Right on Brown’s heels was Burnquist, as the duo pushed each other throughout the night at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with Burnquist continuing to attempt his elusive 900. “Bob is such a great competitor and I have to push myself just to be at his level,” Brown said. “We’re competitors against ourselves. Rob is so gnarly that it’s an honor to think I’m anywhere near him.” “I’m so impressed with Jake and how he puts it together,” Burnquist said. “Everyone was going really big. People usually don’t do 20 plus feet on the quarterpipe and this was a great competition for that.”

Rob Lorifice came in third for the bronze.

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