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X Games Day 2: Best Trick

X Games 16 has delivered us fans with some amazing stories of perseverance and passion for their sports, the comeback kids of the X Games show us that getting back on the bike and giving it your all is the most important thing. Cam Sinclair showed us this Friday night in Moto X Best Trick. Even though it was not the progression session that the sport needed, the Moto X Best Trick Final delivered plenty of thrills as the top three spots went to first-time X Games medalists.  Australian natives Cam Sinclair and Robbie Maddison received gold and silver, and Taka Higashino of Osaka, Japan, took bronze. “I have been watching the X Games since I was 10 years old,” Sinclair said. “This is a dream come true.” After suffering heavy body damage in a crash with the Red Bull X Fighters, now competing in his first X Games, Sinclair wowed the audience and the judges as he successfully completed a double back flip during his first run.  This is only the third time this trick has been landed at the X Games, and Sinclair is the second rookie to win Best Trick. “After my accident in Spain, I had lots of practice and preparation for this competition,” Sinclair said. “Even though I have completed the double back flip eleven times, I was really worried because the set-up is different everywhere.  I am excited that I was able to pull it off.” Second and third place were close as Maddison completed a smooth spin for his first run and then impressed the crowd with a Volt to side-saddle lander.  Higashino’s double grab indy air secured his first bronze medal. “I am honored to get silver and am stoked to get my first medal,” Maddison said. “Taka’s trick was insane, and to me, I see no difference between second and third.” “I am super excited.  This is my fourth year at X Games and my first medal,” Higashino said. “Sometimes the difficulty of the trick messes with my head then I think about Jeremy Lusk.  I felt like he was with me and I stuck it.”

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