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X Games Day 2: Moto X Step Up – Buy 10!!

In an event that I am convinced was born out of moto riders forced to run track in high school, the crazy dare devil jumpers took to the step up course last night and showed those track stars that high jumping is sissy, but its manly when you do it on a dirt back. So move over track stars its Matt Buyten’s golden moment. After the final two contestants missed the 32’6″ bar, the Moto X Step Up Final came down to one last elimination round. X Games 15 gold medalist Ronnie Renner, who was looking for a back-to-back win, versus Matt Buyten, who was hungry to earn his third X Games gold medal in this challenging event. Sailing over the bar, Matt Buyten secured gold after taking the bronze last year.  

“There is so much pressure every year at X Games,” said Buyten. “What’s great is that everyone respects this competition, and it means so much to win the gold again.” Beginning the Final at 26 feet, the first round looked more like practice as everyone cleared the bar. However, it quickly came down to Buyten, Renner, Myles Richmond and Todd Potter as they attempted to jump the 32’6″ bar height. When the next step was raised a foot, only Buyten and Renner remained. “Every year, Step Up is a dog fight, and I knew it was going to come down to me and Renner,” Buyten said.  “It’s much harder than it looks to do, and the landings are rough. I have a massage already scheduled for Monday.”

Richmond claimed the bronze, his first X Games medal. 

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