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X Games Day 2: Skateboarding Vert Best Trick

In an event made for Shaun White, and pushed to the forefront by Shaun White, in the end he didnt show and PLG decided that one gold medal was not enough. The Skateboard Vert Final gold medalist upped the ante to take his second X Games gold during the Skateboard Vert Best Trick Final with a never-done-before nollie heelflip, big spin indie 540. “I was definitely cramping up because it was pretty intense to skate that Best Trick right after the Vert Final. But I had been practicing that trick and I knew what I had to do and how to do it,” Gagnon said. The win brought Gagnon’s grand total of career X Games gold medals to seven, and it was all done with a trick that he had never landed before. “It was the first time I have ever made it, but I had the motion down. I just needed the right one. But, being under pressure gave me the right boost that I needed,” Gagnon said. Following Gagnon was Colin McKay, an Encinitas, Calif. resident who pulled an impressive switch nollieflip 360 for the silver medal. Bob Burnquist, who took silver in the Skateboard Big Air, threw down a switch kick flip boardslides to fakie for the bronze. Burnquist was happy to see Vert Best Trick back at the X Games. “It reminded me of how best trick was back-in-the-day. Vert Best Trick is the essence of skateboard progression,” Burnquist said. “What’s exciting is that skaters like Collin get invited to prove why he’s one of the best.”

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