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X Games Day 3: BMX Big Air – Can Robinson compete?

With Kevin Robinson less than 100% after 2 dislocated shoulders in vert, Chad Kagy had the green light to take the gold in BMX Big Air, and he did not disppoint! Kagy laid out a massive backflip tailwhip to flare whip in one run to clinch his second X Games gold in BMX Freestyle Big Air. “It was nice to be able to go out and land my first run. It was good motivation because being able to land that first run and getting it under your belt means that you can build on top of that,” said Kagy. Kagy took nothing for granted as he executed a superman back flip and a superman to double tailwhip in his first run, knowing that any of the night’s competition could land a solid run and take his spot. “It’s always nice to be up out in front. However, the way that we run this is that only one run counts. At any given moment, any of those guys could have bumped me out,” Kagy said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever shot to the top on the first run and then could just hang out and watch. I knew that I had other tricks on tap, but I didn’t really need to do it.” Steve McCann, whose double front flip to double tailwhip, kept the pressure on Kagy, alnded him in second with the silver to follow up the silver medal that he won Friday night in BMX Freestyle Vert. “This is the first time I’ve thrown that combination. Before coming to the X Games, I successfully landed that trick on my third try and did it 10 more times into the foam pit. All I was thinking out there today was, ‘I hope I can do it again,'” said McCann. Andy Buckworth’s double front flip to a flair registering at 9’7 earned him the bronze.

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