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X Games Day 3: BMX Freestyle Park

After almost tasting the top of the podium last weekend in Chicago at the Nike 6.0 Open, Daniel Dhers showed through 4 runs that consistency and massive flairs are golden. Dhers pulled out his patented flairs and tight tricks consistently in his four runs. After Rob Darden dropped out last evening, Dennis Enarson suddenly found himself back in the mix to win the silver, his first X Games medal. “In practice, I was doing more lines and not so many tricks,” said Dhers. “I felt like I was packing too much into it so I chose to focus on doing more tricks for the Final. When I was a kid, I watched the X Games, looking for the newest trick. The difficult course they created really challenges you to bring your best.” Enarson said, “Right before I got the call, I was planning to go out for the night. So, I chose to go to bed early and get a good night’s rest.” Dhers delivered and gave the fans quite a show as he stuck a double tailwhip to Indian grab air, alley oop flair and corked out 720, among others. “Excited to be in the final and feeling no pressure,” Enarson was on fire from his first run as he thrilled with a nose pick to fakie and the tire slide over the visor into the 270 drop down, which secured his silver. “The foot jam to fakie was probably the most risky thing I did,” said Enarson.  “It was nice to look up after I pulled that to see I was in second. For the second consecutive year, Gary Young came in third place, earning the bronze medal.

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