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X Games Day 3: Sheckler’s Street Return

Ryan Sheckler was leaving it all on the line Saturday, putting together seamless runs to mark his third X Games gold medal during the Skateboard Street Men’s Finals at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles. Sheckler battled back and forth throughout the jam session with Nyjah Huston, but came out on top after a near-perfect final run. “It was a crazy contest to be back. I got hurt last year and wanted to get back this year, and this definitely exceeded my expectations,” Sheckler said. “I’m psyched. I just had to believe in myself. I just needed to get my bearings about me, let it flow and not worry so much about it. I couldn’t have done anything more.” Sheckler, who made the best use of the teacup during the jam session, put together a final run that included a full cab backlip to fakie down the rail, alleyoop frontside transfer from one half of the teacup to the other,  gap up to 5, frontside air on the teacup and a cab back lip to take the win. “I wanted to throw out a different run from what I already did. The course is interesting. You had to get out there and just start throwing down. I liked it,” Sheckler said. “I just threw it out and gave it all I had because I knew it would be my last run.” The year marked the second silver medal in a row for Nyjah Huston, who said this silver meant more to him because of what he put into it.  “It means more this year because last year there was just one more trick I needed to land. This year I actually landed the run I wanted to do, so I was really happy with the way I skated,” Huston said. “I wasn’t expecting to win, I was just trying to do my best and I am happy with how it turned out.” As a fan its hard for me to picture Nyjah, who is 15, as a X Games veteran but he is. He shows strength and maturity in all facets of skating and the way he carries himself. He will be a force to be reckoned with for games to come. Ryan Decenzo rounded out the top three as he took the X Games bronze.

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