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X Games Day 4: Skate Park – Varsity vs. JV

Veterans or the rookies? That’s been the question all week in the X Games with both sides taking home the gold medals, but in skateboarding street it was the rookie showing the veterans the progression of the sport. As the five finalists pulled out every trick to top the other in tonight’s Skateboard Park Men’s Final, the rookie, Pedro Barros of Brazil, completed an exciting backside grab 540 to take the gold medal in his first X Games appearance. “It’s amazing to be at the X Games as a pro skater,” said Barros. “I saw Andy ripping it up, and I realized that I needed to step up my routine.  I put all of my tricks into the run and what really helped me was the 540 Vert wall trick.” Air transfers were key to medaling, and Andy Macdonald continually wowed the audience with his gap transfers.  After the third run, Barros and Macdonald were tied for gold; however, Barros’ last run, which included great speed, the 540 trick and a frontside tail grab, secured him the number one position.  Macdonald placed second, taking his third consecutive silver medal in Skateboard Park and bringing his total X Games medals to 21. “This park course is the best one yet.  They opened it up and made the lines so you can keep your speed,” said Macdonald. “For me, I will be doing this as long as I am competitive and holding my own against guys half my age.”

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