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Dewin’ It Again – SLC Style

With the Alli Sports Dew Tour in full swing, and with two stops left, Salt Lake becomes a crucial stop for the riders to lock down their positions and points lead going into the finals in Las Vegas. The Dew Tour debuted in June 2005, as the first ever action sports tour, made up of five major events that take place over the course of five months, June thru October. The first two stops focus on single sports (Skate at Stop 1 and BMX at Stop 2), with the last three stops featuring all sports: skateboarding (park and vert), BMX (park, vert and dirt) and freestyle motocross. In each discipline (SKATE, BMX and FMX), athletes who qualify into each event (Vert, Park, Dirt or FMX) receive points based on the Final results from that event. At the conclusion of each event, riders are awarded points corresponding to their final placing – and will be ranked on the current Dew Tour Rankings. The Tour awards champions in the six disciplines with the Dew Cup at season’s end based on a cumulative points system. There is $2.5 million in prize money – the largest in action sports – and an additional $1 million bonus pool based upon year-end standings. This year there have been some major surprises with 15 year old Brett Banasiewicz leading the BMX Dirt point standings. 15 years old? Are you kidding me? Ask yourself what you were doing at 15. I was content to go roll in the dirt at 15. So what else should you be looking for this month in Salt Lake? Well get ready for Luke Parslow and his monster flip turn-down on the bike. Catch your breathe when you watch the heated battle between Shaun White and Pierre-Luc Gagnon in Skateboarding vert. PLG opened up the controversy can when he called out the media for showering Shaun White with to much love for not skating in the last two years and forgetting those that have keep the sport relevant. White got the win in Portland last stop by a narrow margin and he needs another win to get on top with PLG for the overall point standings. Come watch and see if anyone besides the Avengers can stop Jamie Bestwick from grabbing his sixth overall Dew Tour BMX Vert Cup.  If Jamie wins in Salt Lake it will be his eighth consecutive Dew Tour event win (Chad Kagy took first midway through the 2008 season), and it would be his 22nd overall win in his Dew Tour career. Salt Lake is the biggest tour stop and tour manager Rob Eschbach readily admits, “When it comes to crowds and the best place to hold the tour, Salt Lake is the place to be.” Here in Utah we excel at putting on events and showing the world how we do it in this State. So gear up, the Dew Tour is back into town this month September 16-19, I cannot wait!

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