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Your Salt Lake City Dew Tour Preview

Salt Lake it’s that time again. That time where downtown is closed off to cars, but open to skateboards and BMX bikes. That time of year where the smell of race fuel fills the air as the dirt bikes fly high over the downtown landscape. It’s the Dew Tour and it’s in town again this weekend. This year on the tour, there have been some major surprises with 15 year old Brett Banasiewicz leading the BMX Dirt point standings. 15 years old? Are you kidding me? Ask yourself what you were doing at 15. So what other athletes should you be looking for this weekend in Salt Lake?

Luke Parslow (BMX) – His monster flip turn-down on the bike will have you grabbing the camera.

Shaun White vs. PLG – (Skate) Watch the heated battle between Shaun White and Pierre-Luc Gagnon in Skateboarding vert. PLG opened up the controversy can when he called out the media for showering Shaun White with too much love for not skating in the last two years and forgetting those that have keep the sport relevant. White got the win in Portland, by a narrow margin and he needs another win to surpass PLG for the overall point standings.

Jamie Bestwick (BMX) – Can anyone stop Bestwick? Jamie is looking for his sixth overall Dew Tour BMX Vert Cup.  If Jamie wins in Salt Lake it will be his 8th consecutive Dew Tour event win and 22nd overall win in his Dew Tour career.

Ryan Sheckler (Skate) – Two-time XG gold medalist, Sheckler is having his first healthy season in three years. Ryan has come back strong finishing 2nd at the Boston Dew Tour in June.

Daniel Dhers (BMX) – Daniel Dhers is back on top of the Dew Tour podium after his win in Portland in BMX Park. He asserts his dominance with 720 tucks on the long box, a double whip on the barriers and 360 double whips.

Andy Buckworth (BMX) – His runs include a 900, 360 double downside tailwhip and a ridiculous Superman frontflip. He’s one of only three guys can do that trick, and the only one that has it on lockdown.

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