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Dew Tour. Hard Rock Hotel Pool Party!!!

You Put The Ramp Where?

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White won his third Dew Tour event in a row today at the Dew Tour Championships. However, after an injury sidelined White during the first Dew Tour stop of the season, his point total was not enough to beat out Pierre-Luc Gagnon as the overall Dew Cup Champion. The victory marks Gagnon’s second Dew Cup in his skateboarding career. In BMX Vert, Chad Kagy won the  final at the Dew Tour Championships, putting a stop to Jamie Bestwick’s quest for ten consecutive wins. Bestwick came in a close second, continuing his status as the undefeated Dew Cup Champion and taking home the Cup for the sixth time in his career.

During the skateboard vert final, White finished the season three-for-three and landed on top of the podium in each stop he competed in during the 2010 Dew Tour season. White threw out a backside 540, fakie to fakie heelflip, cab fakie 540, 720 and a frontside stalefish five for a winning score of 90.75, finishing third overall in 2010 Dew Tour rankings.

“This contest was amazing, it was the finale and had the most pressure, but I was just happy to come to Vegas and have fun,” said White “After missing Boston, I figured I was out of the running for the Dew Cup, but to come back and give these guys a hard time was awesome. This was some of my best work, and I’m proud.”

Gagnon placed second with an 89.00, earning enough points throughout the season to win the coveted Dew Cup for the second time. Andy Macdonald placed third win an 88.25, finishing the season behind Gagnon in second place.

“I was pleased with my skating today. This is a perfect way to end the year by winning my second Dew Cup,” said Gagnon. “Vegas is a great city, and I’m looking forward to enjoying myself tonight.”

In the BMX vert final, Bestwick was at the top of the leader board heading into the final jam, but it was Kagy that landed on top of the podium in first place with a score of 92.50, ending the season in second place in the overall Dew Tour rankings. Kagy’s winning run included tricks like a nac-nac seat grab, tailwhip flairs and a smooth double tailwhip.  Bestwick trailed behind in a close second with a score of 92.25, allowing him to finish the season with his sixth Dew Cup, holding the record for being the only Dew Cup Champion in BMX Vert in the Tour’s six-year history. Dennis McCoy placed third with a 91.50, landing on the podium for the first time in his career at the age of 43.

“Competing in Vegas is so spectacular, and the vert ramp being in the middle of the pool, it was really a dream come true for a lot of us. We’ve always wanted to have an awesome setting, because vert is awesome,” said Bestwick. “Today was really tough for me after falling hard on Friday, but second place on a tough day is enough to get the job done and for me to go home with my sixth Dew Cup. I’m really happy.”

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