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Dew Tour. Hard Rock Hotel. Vegas. Lutza Loses It, Oritz Owns It.

Skateboard Superstars Battle for the Cup at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Legendary Venue, The Joint By Rogue

Chaz Ortiz won the skateboard park final at the Dew Tour Championships, crowning him the overall Dew Cup Champion for the second time in his Dew Tour career. Ortiz’s victory came after an intense final jam under the lights at famed concert venue, The Joint by Rogue inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The six-man jam consisted of prior Dew Cup Champion Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Decenzo, Mario Saenz and 15-year-old Alec Majerus. Majerus, the winner of the 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour, the Dew Tour’s official amateur series, competed with the pros for the first time in his career at the Dew Tour Championships, making it all the way to the final jam.

Sheckler, was at the top of the leader board heading into the final jam, however Ortiz wowed the crowd by going big over the gap and on the rails, throwing out tricks like a nollie feeble 360, tre flip over the big gap, a smooth kickflip backflip and a kickflip front feeble, ending with a winning score of 91.50. Decenzo, showed enough consistency throughout his runs to place second with an 89.25, placing him fourth overall in the Dew Tour rankings. Sheckler rounded out the podium in third with an 83.10, which earned him the second place position in overall Dew Tour rankings.

“Ryan and I like skating courses like the one tonight, so it really just worked out. After he was in the lead going into the final jam, I knew I had to pull out some big stuff,” said Ortiz. “Winning the Dew Cup feels amazing. I came in just wanting to win this contest, and to just win it all is so nuts. I am so happy.”

Greg Lutzka, the lead contender for the Dew Cup heading into the Championships, didn’t earn enough points to make it to the final jam, causing him to place tenth in the final and third overall in the 2010 Dew Tour season.

The Hard Rock Hotel has provided an amazing venue for the event. Never before have i seen at skate park inside a concert venue, especially the famed venue The Joint by Rouge. It provided the audience with excellent views of the entire course then it rocked their world with N.E.R.D. The music and event was amazing.

The four-day skateboarding, BMX and freestyle motocross event will continue tomorrow with BMX park and BMX dirt finals along with Hart & Huntington’s freestyle motocross Best Whip contest. Sunday’s events include BMX and skateboard vert finals at the HRH Beach Club pool and the Dew Cup awards ceremony and Wavves concert at The Joint by Rogue to conclude the 2010 season.

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