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Dew Tour. Hard Rock Vegas. Day 3 – Dosch Gambles, Dhers 4-Peats and Nyquist Returns

Ryan Nyquist Wins the BMX Park Final on the Largest BMX Park Course in Dew Tour History at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Daniel Dhers took the second place spot on the podium in today’s BMX park final, earning him enough points to be crowned the Dew Cup Champion for the fourth time in his Dew Tour career. Ryan Nyquist closed out the 2010 season with a win at the BMX park final. Three years in a row Nyquist has come into the finals and claimed the top spot. It must be the air around the finals and the veteran experience but Nyquist shows everyone why he is still the man, the myth and the legend. Brandon Dosch of Lake Orion, Mich. won the BMX dirt final, making him a first-time Dew Cup Champion.

Nyquist, a veteran in the BMX world at age 31, was in tenth place following the first heat. However, after throwing out a 720 down the step down, alley oop truck driver and a barspin 540 in his second run he earned the top score of the day with a 92.75. The now four-time Dew Cup Champion, Dhers placed second with a 91.38 and Garrett Reynolds  rounded out the podium in third with a 91.13.

“I knew my first run was going to be a throwaway and as soon as I pulled that 720 out on the first jump of my second run I was like ‘Okay, this is going to happen,” said Nyquist. “Right now I’m just pumped to be on top with all of those crazy dudes.”

Closing out the season with his fourth Dew Cup victory, Dhers now has the second most Dew Cups in Dew Tour history, behind Jamie Bestwick who currently has six. Jamie won his sixth in BMX Vert, the only person to ever win the dew cup in BMX Vert over the HRH Beach Club Pool at the pool party Sunday.

“I’m really excited to win my fourth Dew Cup and this time it’s different because I think I put a lot more focus on it,” said Dhers. “I love Vegas and having the Championships here was awesome.”

Dosch, 21, was a winner twice over tonight, taking the top podium spot in the BMX dirt final, thus crowning him the overall Dew Cup Champion for the first time in his career. Dosch threw out a triple whip, double whip and a cork seven to earn a first place score of 92.62. TJ Ellis, placed second with a score of 90.81, ending the season in third place overall. Anthony Napolitan, placed third at the last final of the season, with a score of 90.62.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been. It’s the best feeling in the world to win the Dew Cup,” said Dosch. “It’s everything to me. This is my dream, and I finally got it.”

 Now sixteen-year-old BMX sensation, Brett Banasiewicz was at the top of the leader board heading into tonight’s final; however, his fifth place finish earned him second place overall in 2010 Dew Tour rankings.

The beach side air from the HRH Beach Club pool made for a fun different atmosphere than we have had for any other competition. The Hard Rock Hotel also provided accessibility for people that have never seen our sports, staying in the hotel for the weekend, to witness them. With their accomdating staff and accessibility, we here at T Squared think actions sports grew a new level during the championships.

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