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Rusty Men’s Wired Series Sweatshirts

Are you tired of having to thread your headphones underneath your jacket so the cords don’t freeze up and get in the way? Do you sometimes forget where you put your headphones? Rusty clothing has you covered. Now you can show off your style and listen to your music on the go. Rusty has placed headphones in the drawstrings of the jacket. The best part about this product that I enjoyed the most is; there was no cord clutter. How many times have you caught you earphone cord on something and it ripped the buds right out of your ear. That is not going to happen with the Wired Series. Second, they are completely machine washable. After my first wash I did not notice any difference in the sound quality of the product at all. The ear bud cushion is interchangeable so you can fit it to your ear canal shape. The sweatshirts come in a variety of styles so mix and match to fit with all of your outfits. One thing I would like to see in the future, as this product grows, is a microphone in one of the drawstrings. With the overwhelming influence of smart phones and headphones that click to talk, make life easier while out driving or in a position where you only have one hand or in some cases no hands to use to hold onto the phone. Overall, the concept is wild and crazy but it has been made successful by Rusty. I love the product and wear it often. Keep an eye out for the complete Wired Series that includes the hoodies, button up shirts, rash guards and even backpacks.Follow this link to you local dealer to go get your Wired Series clothing.

http://www.hanger94.com/productinfo.asp?item=20836 or http://www.buckle.com/product/product_detail.jsp?prd=79875R30110104&cm_mmc=TRShopping-_-Froogle-_-keywords-_-Rusty%20Wired%20Sweatshirt

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