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2011 Banff Radical Reels Tour – You Should Go

Do you often wonder what it would be like to fall from the sky, hang by fingertips off a rock ledge or do you imagine hurling yourself down steep untouched powder, feeling the cold spray of stomach-dropping kayak first descents, and flying high with the world’s wildest BASE jumpers. Or, you could watch Radical Reels-a selection of the most adventurous, spectacular films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival. The Banff Film Festival is bringing Utah once again the Radical Reels tour where action sport athletes like T Squared get our video fix. The Radical Reels is a special screening of the wildest high-adrenaline films entered in the Banff Mountain Film Festival. So many action films were being submitted to the film festival that they could not fit into the regular screenings, resulting in the creation of the hugely successful Radical Reels evening presentation.

Since 2004, the Radical Reels Tour has also been out on the road. The Radical Reels Film Tour visits approximately 19 states and provinces, reaching over 50 different locations. Most screenings take place in the September to October and February to May time periods.

“Faster, steeper, higher, deeper” is their motto and that is what Utah sports are all about. Outside of surfing there is no extreme sport that cannot be done here in the state. As riders we are always looking how to make our community stronger by improving the sports we participate in. By showing the sports progression through video, it shows people the intensity and beauty of the sport and encourages them to get into the outdoors and enjoy the great state that we live in.



March 3, 2011
University of Utah Outdoor Program
Tickets 801-581-7100
Info 801-581-8516


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