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Thanks to the great company Kahtoola. They sent T Squared out some great MicroSpikes, footwear for icy conditions for us to try out. Our first impression was skeptical due to the look of the design, but we could not have been further from the truth. The MicroSpikes are great. Not only are they quick to put on, light weight, but very durable. Our MicroSpikes were used in numerous conditions ranging from; icy, deep powder, packed snow, slippery rock and on pavement. In whatever the winter condition may be, or whatever choice of footwear you choose, the MicroSpikes slip right over the bottom like a slipper and off you go. One concern the women of T Squared raised was how will they work with a dress boot? Without scratching or scuffing the boot, the MicroSpikes stayed on the boot with ease and provided the traction the women needed to walk. The best part of the design is that the women could put the MicroSpikes right into their purse after they used them. We used the MicroSpikes as added insurance to grip the hard icy snow while working at the Deer Valley Freestyle World Championships of skiing. The hill the competition course was on was very steep and to be in position to work without having to shovel a flat area out was time saving and convenient. I was initially concerned about the MicroSpikes covering my boot since the boot is a larger sole but they fit great over them and the light weight nature of them made me forget they were there.To better show how the spikes can be used in everyday situations for everybody, we used them on a very popular hiking trail. The trail is frequented often by hikers with dogs. The design of the MicroSpikes creates safe hiking for the person wearing the spikes and for others. The spikes do not protrude out that can catch a leg or can cut the dog. The slip on ease of the spikes make it accessible for hands that are older and don’t work as well trying to do up straps. Follow the link www.kahtoola.com to get your pair of MicroSpikes.

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  1. Anybody running/hiking the higher-altitude mountain trails this year is going to need these guys! They rock the run when traversing snowfields, particularly in the AM when they’re still plenty firm. Fit great over running shoes or light hikers, and so far they’ve proven very durable.

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