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Utah’s Best Kept Skate Secret – Fortica Skateboards

How many times do you hear the phrase, “They just don’t make things like they used to”? Here at T Squared we hear it all the time, so when we find something that is made like it’s supposed to, we have to share it with you. Here in Utah there is a little secret brewing in the skateboarding community. Down in Utah county one man is taking in upon himself to make skateboards for all types of riders and with pure quality. Chad Allan of Fortica Skateboards is that man, and we at T Squared sat down with Chad to learn more about Fortica Skateboards. Growing up in the action sports community, Chad began riding at age 7 and looked up to Bob Haro and the old school BMX boys while using his skateboard as transportation. After marriage and kids, Chad renewed his passion for skating when his kids started getting into riding. As they started riding again, Chad wanted a board he could rely on. Thanks to his passion and desire for quality, we now get to enjoy Fortica Skateboards. Each of the boards is made with strong Canadian Maple featuring steep contour edges and is lightweight. Fortica offers a limited quantity of each logo on the skateboards so get them while you can. We love how original the artwork is and that they rotate designs as soon as the sell out that board style. We at T Squared took the boards out for a ride and did our best to snap the board in half to test quality. No matter what we did on the park, street and even in trick training facility we could not break the boards. This speaks to the quality of the boards and to the excellence of Fortica. T Squared encourages you to try out Fortica and find out for yourself that quality is back. www.forticaskateboards.com

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