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Health: Lets Improve it – Yoga: An Alternative to the Gym Part 1

Being active and healthy is vital to success in sports, especially action sports where body control and athleticism is paramount. While many people find their fitness in the gym, many others find that the gym is not for them, so their fitness routine becomes nonexistent unless they find a viable alternative. While we take a stance at fitness from the athletes’ perspective, T Squared Action Sports is committed to a healthier community as a whole, so let us introduce you to Yoga.

Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City has taken T Squared and has introduced me to the health benefits of yoga. At first I was unsure of what yoga really was and how yoga could help me as an athlete. I had seen pictures and could not understand how holding some strange pose was helpful to my overall health or would improve my riding. I knew that balance played a role in yoga, but balance can be learned anywhere especially when you constantly ride skis, skateboards or even snowboards. After one class I was shown where I was wrong. Yoga is more than a collective group of people breathing and humming sounds together and holding a pose. There are so many different styles that strengthen the core, increase flexibility and even tone the body, all of which has and will continue to benefit me as an athlete. Increased flexibility and a stronger core will help you hold the edges on your board easier, power through the jumps and even dig deep in the powder. That’s what we all want right?

To this point I have been attending yoga for two weeks, through many different courses so I can better inform you that yoga is beneficial and a great gym alternative. Centered City Yoga teaches the courses with individuals in mind. They take the time to instruct and guide you to the proper hold and pose through routines that benefit you no matter how experienced, or in my case inexperienced you are. I attended core basics for my first class. The workshop natures of the class allowed me to get my feet wet then jump all in to yoga, and feel like I could succeed. This is how any athlete approaches a new level in their sport, learn the core basics then attack the challenge.

Yoga teaches you to learn the basics, then utilize your skills to push yourself to where you body can take you. Where can your body take you?

Centered City Yoga has designed and built a class specifically for athletes. The benefits you feel after just one class can be immediately noticed, but mostly your body is more limber and the core feels tighter. Do you want that in your riding? I know I do.

As my journey through yoga continues, check back for more insights on how you can find healthy alternatives to become a healthier you.

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