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New Styles, New Eyewear. Same ADIDAS.

Welcome to ADIDAS outdoors. Thanks to a great spring here in Utah, T Squared took some great eye wear out from ADIDAS and skied,  rode the bikes and got some great running and hikes in. Here in Utah, we have the amazing opportunity to have seasons and participate  in so many sports. Over the past 3 months, through so many different days and sports here is what we thought of the eye wear here at T  Squared. http://www.facebook.com/adidaseyewear

As technology has advanced in this day that we live in, us as consumers want more details or more features to make the product more amazing, after spending  time with some eyewear from ADIDAS, they have made me realize that simple design and features that no other company has, makes their eyewear stand out.  ADIDAS has four basic concepts that they adhere to when making eyewear for the sports community; Ultimate vision, optimum protection, customized fit and  maximum durability. That’s it! That is what we want for sport eyewear. Thank You ADIDAS for understanding that and making more than one frame that fits that definition. ADIDAS’ new line up of sport frames is expansive and you can find the fit and style for your sport. T Squared has had the opportunity to wear and use three of their styles the Retego, Evil Eye Halfrim Pro, and the Delhi.

For those everyday sport people the Retego is a great pair to wear. Starting with the frame, it hugs your head gently but tight enough that they will not    bounce  off of your head at the first bump. The frame also has padding for around the ears for comfort, but the padding isn’t obtrusive, its sleek and fits the    style of the  frame. The area around the nose is designed for everyone with all different shapes of noses. I have had glasses before that slide down my face due  to the nose bridge being to large. With ADIDAS’ flex technology the nose bridge has two positions that snap to adjust to your nose. This optimizes the resting  position on the nose while providing two levels of height adjustment and a secure and comfortable fit. The lenses are a step up from polarized. ADIDAS brings  Light Stabilizing Technology to their lenses bringing you filtered light that keeps the harmful rays out, while not interfering with the contrast of what you see  through the lenses. The Retego is great for casual runners, easy spring skiing or boarding, riding the bicycle, skating and overall looking good.

As you elevate your level in sports so does ADIDAS with the Evil Eye Halfrim Pro. While the Evil Eye Halfrim Pro features the flex technology in the nose  bridge, they offer more flex in the arm of the lens. The arm adjusts up and down to tilt the frame to cut light from whatever angle the light is entering from. If  the sun is high above you, tilting the frame upward cuts the top glare and makes for more comfort. It’s so simple, but it makes a huge difference. The lenses are  so easy to remove in the Evil Eye. With one slide of a lock on the side of the frame the lens comes right out. No longer do you need to bend the frame, get the  lens in just right then push it up until you get it in right. Now you just slide to release it, place the lens, slide the lock and you’re done. The final feature that  makes the Evil Eye great is the small removable foam band on the top of the frames that keeps sweat from dripping into your eyes when you are giving your  100%. The Evil Eye Halfrim Pro is great for long distance runners, downhill racing and any snow activity.

When you need to go out casually and look good, the styles ADIDAS offers in the original series will set you straight. T Squared has been wearing the Delhi and  getting compliments often. The lenses are bigger but not overbearing. The frames are sleek and stylish. They fit right at the top of the nose and do not slide  down the nose. But overall, they are sleek, stylish and fit all different shapes of faces and make you look good.

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