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Sanuk Sandals! Shoes that are Sandals!!! Get Yours

Men have walked on the moon, Everest has been scaled, televisions are broadcasting in 3D, M&M candies can be personalized with words, and shoes that are actually sandals are around my feet and they can be around yours as well. These accomplishments from mankind have changed the way we live life, but the shoes that are sandals have changed my comfort the most. Whether you are soaking up waves and sun everyday or riding on the white powder snow ocean, Sanuk has your feet covered, from toe to heel and everything in between.

With so many different styles and fits, no matter what your clothing apparel looks like, Sanuk has a sandal that is going to fit your outfit and personality. After a day of riding and doing physical labor, nothing is better than putting on a pair of Sanuk shoes to let the feet relax the day away. Your feet will feel like a baby kangaroo in its mothers’ pouch. If you haven’t tried a pair of Sanuk sandals, then you are behind the times and your feet are missing out on sandals that make you smile.

Sanuk has the shoes for you, and the five featured shoes here can be found at www.sanuk.com or follow them at  http://www.facebook.com/SanukFootwear and find your style. We put our shoes through a battery of tests of comfort, testing them in all styles of relaxing activities, and we suggest sanuks in a hammock with a sea breeze is the best for comfort. But, if this is not possible for you; take our advice with these other shoes and see if they will fit you.

Boardroom – For those of us that still have to put on the shirt and tie and do the 9-5 daily scene, the Boardroom was built for you. Bring the beach life to  your office every day. When you are falling asleep in the powerpoint presentation that your boss is giving, let your shoes bring you back to a simple daydream  of warm sunny rays and waves touching your toes and you will feel so much better. You may be asking, T Squared really why are these sandals good for you?  What type of clothing looks good with this sandal? The sandal is super soft, flexes with the foot and has a nice rebound on the foot when you walk. They  provide full foot support from the toe to the heel of the handmade leather of the sandal. The sandal is put together by actual human hands to show that foot of  yours some comfort love. Wear these shoes with slacks to match the color of sandal, no brown with black! Show your sandals off with jeans and a button up  shirt. The ladies will love that you can be business and casual all at once.

The Standard Series – Houndstooth, Plaid, and White – do you ever walk down the sidewalk and wish  you were surfing? If so, then these are the sandals for you. These lightweight thin shoes will provide foot  support and make you want to grip the curb edge. Even though I like a good steak, these sandals are  vegetarian and vegan. That’s quite the accomplishment. These sandals are perfect for any shorts that you are  wearing, but if you are rocking jeans beware. Since this sandal is a skinny style, avoid any jean leg style bigger  than a boot cut. They dwarf the sandal and make your feet look tiny. Other than that, anything goes! So grab  the style that fits you, there are so many, but the pure white fits anything you wear and the compliments you  will receive will make you feel like the best looking man on earth. I love all of these colors and they allow me to wear a sandal that fits my mood of the day.

Vagabond Chill – For the end of the day after riding the white powder ocean here in Utah, what do your feet need? Warmth and comfort that’s right! That is  the vagabond chill at its pure essence. Slip on this sandal and let epic stories of riding flow out of you while your feet recover. Your stories will make you a  legend, but the sandals will let the feet recover properly to let you keep that legend reputation the next time you go ride!

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