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Swimsuit Season Is Here: Are you Half-Baked Yet? Rusty Apparel Is

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cookies and Ice cream, Branjelina…..and now the walking short that is also a boardshort? Mankind has given us some great  combinations and surf lifestyle brand Rusty has now given men what they need: one short to wear all the time at the beach, called “Half Baked”.

Civilization has grown beyond the Jersey Shore manta of wearing colorful flowered boardshorts and sleeveless t shirts everywhere they go. Now we can wear  a pair of walking shorts and look like we have some class, but when the urge to get in a ride strikes us, we are ready. No need to change!

This is the first ever boardshort/walking short all-in-one style. And unlike some first time inventions, there is nothing wrong with these shorts. This is Rusty  leading the industry again.

Let me be simplistic, the shorts have a great cut and fit. Not too long like Capri’s, and not to short (think 1980s professional basketball). If you can figure out what size you need to fit around your waist, the shorts will look good on you.

Boardshorts are meant to be simple with good function. This is what you get from the combo board and walking short. There are no drawstrings to fumble with. The shorts are soft and comfortable to wear. You can wear them in more locations while you are spending the day at the beach..without looking like an extra in Blue Crush.

I spent a week in these shorts surfing and paddle boarding the waves of Hawaii. The shorts stretch when you need them to as you lengthen your stance out and don’t ride up the leg. They breathe well and dry out quickly. But most importantly, the shorts are soft and don’t rub the skin into a rash.

Overall: these shorts are great! They give you what you need for a nice day at the beach, perform well when you are in the water and look like a casual short out of the water. For the everyday rider and beach enthusiast, these shorts are built for you. Check it out here ($48):  http://www.rusty.com/us/mens/Boardshorts/Half-Baked. Want to see more of the Half Baked shorts? Visit http://www.tsquaredsports.com/multimedia/ and look up the 2011 Hawaii Battle of the Paddle.

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