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T Squared TimeOut: Dew Tour Portland Invitational BMX Park

The journey to the top of the podium in BMX is becoming packed with rookies jamming the course with new tricks and huge air. The Dew Tour Portland Invitational BMX Park Finals turned into a heavy weight title fight between Scotty Cramer and Kyle Baldock. The two riders used every moment of the competition available to piece together jaw dropping technical performance.

Cranmer broke through to finish first with a run that included a tailwhip to no-footed can-can, a no-handed front flip and a flip double whip over the hitching post – the banger that ended his run.  Cranmer’s final score of 92.00 allowed him to pull ahead of Baldock’s 91.38.  Daniel Dhers rounded out the podium in third place.  This was Cranmer’s first win since Salt Lake City in 2007, and his fifth Dew Tour win overall.

“I watched the replay and it still doesn’t make sense that I actually landed it,” said Cranmer of his flip double whip.  “My foot felt like it was miles away and somehow made it to the pedal. It was in God’s hands – I thank him for it. But also, none of my friends got hurt today and I thank God for that more than anything.”

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