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T Squared TimeOut: X Games 17 Day 2

With Travis Pastrana out of MotoX Freestyle, Nate Adams just had to show up and put his run together and he was going to be golden. His tricks are bigger than the rest of the riders and he has more of them in his bag. With those consistent big tricks Nate Adams tricked his way to the top of the podium. The score showed only a five point margin but in MotoX that’s huge. It was a crushing of the field.

After the competition was so tight the night before, MotoX Freestyle was a let down. The crowd was not into the competition and you could feel the air slowly leaking out.

Since MotoX Freestyle was a let down, the men on tiny kids bikes took to the vert ramp to save the night. Could anyone beat Jamie Bestwick? No. To say that Jamie Bestwick has owned the BMX Freestyle Vert event would be a bit of an understatement.  In previous years he was able to cruise to a gold medal with not much competition. Finally Bestwick was pushed by a couple of hard-charging Australians – led by Steve McCann.

Jamie held them off however, and capture his X Games record fifth-consecutive gold in the event. “Everybody kind of looks at me to set the high bench mark,” Bestwick said. “But why should it be up to me all the time? I want to be challenged by other riders and that has been quite a task for people to achieve.  But here we are at X Games 17; everybody stepped up and gave me a run for my money.  So I had to put my riding to another level. BMX Vert is all about everyone throwing down until the end and here we are with a five-peat and I cemented my name in history.”

Jamie put up a score of 92.00 which carried him to gold, even though McCann landed a no-handed 900. “I am feeling amazing,” McCann said.  “This X Games, I can’t even explain it. I did everything that I wanted to do.  I can’t wait to come back here next year and do it all again.” The competition is finally on the verge of getting Jamie. This is just what BMX Vert needs. Make Jamie bring his best tricks. The sport is crazy as is but the steeper the competition the better the event.

While Jamie just finds gold every time he rids his bike, Bob Burnquist has been fighting his way to the top for two years. Bob is Mr. Big Air. Since Danny Way is gone and Bob has built his own ramp is his back yard and he trains on it 24/7. While training for X, Bob even took some time to mentor young up and comer Mitchie Brusco. “I am really happy that I made my run and the judges felt it was first place,” Burnquist said. “I am stoked about that and it feels great to be on top, obviously.”

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