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T Squared TimeOut: X Games 17 Day 3

After a loaded heat 1 and a sub par heat 2, BMX Park delivered in the finals and it came down to a tie breaker. In what felt like a heavy weight boxing match, Daniel Dhers came out on top over Dennis Enarson. It all came down to a strategic move for Venezuela’s Daniel Dhers, and the move paid off big time as sitting out one run gave Dhers enough energy to pull out all the stops in his BMX Freestyle Park run and take back-to-back gold medals in park at X Games.

“Since I got here, I knew that heat was going to play a big, big factor,” said Dhers. “So I said to myself that I could do four runs and two of them would have to be half because I would be so exhausted or do two, take a breather and just do a last one hard. It could have gone either way because these guys are amazing. I had to gamble and do it the old Ryan Nyquist way, where he just throws it down and hopes for the best. I am very happy that it worked.”

At just 16 years old, California native Nyjah Huston gave a hometown crowd something to be excited about Saturday, knocking out a field of heavy talent to become the youngest man to win X Games Skateboard Street. “It’s the best feeling ever and my best win ever. After getting silver for the past two years it was a buildup feeling that I wanted to get that gold,” Huston said. “There’s a lot of pressure and if you’re nervous, it’s hard. But I mostly put pressure on myself and have a goal to win.” Huston, who was the repeat silver medalist in 2009 and 2010, laid down impressive runs with technical tricks, including a kickflip backside tailslide spinout and a huge hard flip off the rooftop.

When Elton John quoted that Saturday night is alright for fighting, he must have been foreshadowing the Skateboard Vert Finals. Some called it a gentlemen’s duel between Shaun White and PLG, but there was no love lost. White would not be denied the victory as he laid it all on the line in a final run to take the gold in the Skateboard Vert. “I just wanted to put this down for all the fans that came out. I’ve been working so hard to get this going this season. After that seven I landed I had so much energy that I said “I’m making this happen,” White said. “This is the second time I’ve ever won summer X Games, so I’m beside myself.”

White and Gagnon went run for run, upping the ante each tine, but as they headed into the last set with Gagnon in the lead White put down a 720, to body barrel five, to heelside body barrel five combo that the judges couldn’t reward with anything but the win. It was only White’s second gold in the event, his first since he won in 2007. For Gagnon, who takes the silver home in 2011, the medal marked the 17th X Games medal of his career. “I was very happy with my fourth run. Shaun had bailed two times in a row so I was pretty confident, but Shaun’s last run was so awesome I had to give it to him,” Gagnon said.

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