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An Upset Win? Or a Sign of Things to Come? BMX Vert Finals Salt Lake City Dew Tour

11 September 2011 – Just after X Games 17 BMX Vert finals, I suggested that in a very short time, there would be a change on the top of the BMX Vert Podium. Year after year Jamie Bestwick has been the gold standard of BMX Vert riding. He is the sole winner on the Dew Cup in BMX Vert. He even had a streak of 30 plus competitions where he was undefeated, but after witnessing a no-handed 900 from Steve McCann in X Games 17 from LA, one could feel the wind was changing.

That wind finally blew hard enough Sunday afternoon 11 September 2011. McCann put together such a big run that he edged Jamie Bestwick off the top of the podium. Steve celebrated with a dance in the bottom of the vert ramp along with a refreshing cold water bottle shower given to him by other riders. Even Jamie was smiling for him.

McCann landed a triple tailwhip into a flair to a no-handed 900 to edge out Bestwick. The final showdown saw only a four point difference between first and fifth place, McCann’s score of 92.38 was just enough to beat Bestwick’s 92.25. Vince Byron came in third with a score of 91.38.

“Everybody puts on a great performance when you get into the mindset of the finals,” said McCann. “We all know what we’re capable of and sometimes you just need to believe in yourself. That’s what these sports are about – going out there and putting together a run you’re happy with.” This marks McCann’s first BMX vert win on the Dew Tour and puts him in second place behind Jamie Bestwick in the overall standings. Next month’s Dew Tour Championships will see Bestwick and McCann fighting it out for the top spot on the podium and overall Dew Cup. “Make sure you guys get to Vegas,” said McCann. “It’s going to be a party, that’s for sure – party on the vert ramp!”

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