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Dew Tour SLC Motocross Speed and Style Recap

Thanks to Cary Hart and the boys at Hart and Huntington, some of the best racing was seen at the speed and style competition Friday night September 9, 2011. Each race featured racers that were very familair with the top of the podium. The best feature of the race was that 4 riders went heads up with each other. $ riders wide made for better racing and produced an abundance of tricks. The event featured a three heat format, with first place from each heat advancing to the final heat, and a fourth heat of the second place finishers and one wildcard vying for the last spot in the finals.

The contest was judged on the tricks performed on each hit, as the riders raced around the course with time contributing to the overall score, there was plenty of action to keep the crowd engaged.

Mike Mason rode from the outside lane every time on his Yamaha 250 edging out some bigger 450 bikes. Mike showed his racing technique skills from his extensive racing background from SuperCross and ArenaCross. We spoke to Mike after the win and he definitely misses the racing more than freestyle. At the point in his career he feels like racing is where he wants to be at. In racing you feel more accomplished that just having a panel of judges determining who was better that night.

This race was the best Motocross event the Dew Tour has produced so far. This needs to be a return event. With as many big name riders that came out for the first speed and style race, it can only get better from here.

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