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Skate Vert Salt Lake City Dew Tour

Brushing off the pressure of a possible new trick from Shaun White, PLG put down a complete run to take the top spot in Salt Lake. Now only 8 points ahead of Bucky Lasek heading into the Vegas finals, PLG was excited for the win. “It feels great to finally win,” said PLG following his first place finish.  “It’s been a minute.  I got second place so many times in the past year and I was getting pretty frustrated.  I knew that this run could win if I did it.  If you bring something new, then the judges will reward you.  And that’s what I did today.”

With a packed house, the crowd energy was high and loud PLG put his run together with a kickflip body varial 540, a 720 McTwist and a switch frontside air 360 to earn a Super Final top score of 94.00.

Some other thoughts from skate vert. Rob Lorifice, stop wasting the time of everyone on the tour and shut it down. You’re more inconsistent than Charlie Sheen. You can barely finish an entire 30 second run and when you do you celebrate it as if you just watched a horror film. The worst thing of this all is you’re being watched and you act less mature than all of the kids watching combined. When things dont go your way you throw your board, whine and storm off the ramp. You’re a disgrace and you demean what the sport is all about. So stop wasting everyones’ time and just shut it down. Go away and never ride on the tour again or in X.

Mitchie Brusco and Tom Scharr definitely do not get enough love. Yes they don’t go as high as other riders but they are just as fundamentally sound as some of the riders who are end the end of the semi finals top ten. Get them the points they deserve. Stop kidding yourself with Rob Lorifice and the other skaters who are a waste of time.

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