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T Squared Thought: Dew Tour Salt Lake City

The crowds were huge. The stands were loud. And yet again, Salt Lake City put on another Dew Tour that astonished the national media. All of the local media and the athletes know why Salt Lake has the passion but even after 6 years the national media cant seem to grasp that this is the state for all things action sports. We are the only state to host both a summer and a winter stop. That should be proof enough. Thanks to the biggest crowd in BMX Dirt Finals history, I think that may have finally been the tipping point to the national media to get over their stereotypical viewpoint of what Utah is. We are not just a conservative religiously rich environment that cant let loose and have fun. This is our state these are our sports and we love them and Utah is the state to be in.

Just a few more thoughts from the past weekend as we put a close to a great weekend of competition.

Dear Rob Lorifice, stop wasting the time of everyone on the tour and shut it down. You’re more inconsistent than Charlie Sheen. You can barely finish an entire 30 second run and when you do you celebrate it as if you just watched a horror film. The worst thing of this all is you’re being watched and you act less mature than all of the kids watching combined. When things dont go your way you throw your board, whine and storm off the ramp. You’re a disgrace and you demean what the sport is all about. So stop wasting everyones’ time and just shut it down. Go away and never ride on the tour again or in X. The last time you made a finals and was relevant, so was Wham.

Speed and Style 4 riders wide was the best bit of Dew Tour racing I have ever seen. Big names were riding, the crowd was into it and the judges did the right thing by making Cary Hart the wild card for the final. Having Mike Mason, Ronnie Faisst, Beau Bamburg and Cary Hart all on the same course for a winner take all final was epic. Each of these riders are very familiar with the top of the podium and it made for great racing. Thanks to Hart and Huntington for putting on a great race and show. You showed more people unfamiliar with the sport the beauty and excitement of racing and I know you made some new fans in Salt Lake City.

Mike Clark, you can keep riding the top of your handle bars for the rest of the time. I look forward to that moment each and every stop. You should automatically be into the finals just so we can see more of that. Dont stop we love what you do.

The usual suspects were on the top of the podium for Skate Vert with PLG on top this this time. While the competition in each final is tight and it makes for a great final, I would love to see someone new in the mix. PLG, Bucky and Shaun are so skilled that they are always there and the others that push them are just getting a bit to old to go the distance. Andy Mac and Bob Burnquist are up there and are legends, but just dont have the gas to get them all the way to the top. In the end though, Shaun and PLG just act as if its routine and are mediocre about the win. You can tell that they are forcing the smiles out for the awards and the picutes. Some losing could do PLG and Shaun some good. It may spark some energy back into them and see their love for riding for fun not becuase they have to come back.

Congrats to Stevie McCann. I bet that shower of water you took from the other riders felt amazing. I noted after X Games 17 that if there was someone that might beat Jamie at full strength it was you. You delivered with a fantastic run and your no-handed 900 is jaw dropping. Your post race dance needs a little work though. If you are going to do the Dougie you need some better music to dance to. You have made the BMX Vert Finals in Vegas relevant and what you have done for BMX Vert and the fans cannot go unnoticed. Congratulations again on your win, Jamie even smiled for you.

As we turn towards Vegas for the Championships, for the first time in a long time, the finals in Vegas are relevant. So many of the points races are separated by 8 points. The riders will have to be ready with their best stuff to get the coveted Dew Cup. Stay tuned. You’re not going to want to miss this.

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