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Its the Official Start of Winter: Like There’s No Tomorrow

Here in Utah there are certain things you can always on: 1. No matter what time of the day or the weather, somebody is always running, 2. People never remember how to drive in snow and 3. October means more than candy, It’s Warren Miller time. The 240 city tour makes its stop in Utah this weekend October 14 and 15, 2011 at Abravenel Hall with 8 PM showings.

In Utah, the showings of the latest Warren Miller film mark the symbolic opening of a new ski season. The greatest snow on earth is right on our doorstep and the world comes here to ski. This years show title is called “Like There is No Tomorrow.” I say yes please! Skiing and snowboarding is not only a pastime but a escape from the realities of a tough economy. No pressure is one of this years themes and it puts politics aside showing that skiing and snowboarding can still provide with awe and new wonders.

When you put everything aside, release your mind, listen to you breath as it washes over the powder ocean, you realize that there is only one place to go and an infinite number of ways to get there, you realize that you are the only one who can write the ending of this story. So take a deep breathe and ride….Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Mother Nature has given Utah her first dusting of the powder ocean and this weekend Warren Miller Entertainment is ready to turn your mind to one thing: Winter. Narrated by Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Mosely and shot on location on 5 continents, Like There’s No Tomorrow will give you the moments to turn you mind to winter.

Watch lines being skied that you have only dreamed about by world class athletes including many from Utah. Seven local athletes make appearances to showcase why our state offers the greatest snow on earth. Like There’s No Tomorrow is our annual reminder that winter is again on our doorstep and that Mother Nature and her gravity can be defeated. “We welcome winter with everything we’ve got,” explains the film’s director and producer, Max Bervy. “Because, while there’s always a tomorrow, there are only so many dawns with fresh snow.”

Do I hear the power flu coming on? Cough Cough?

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