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And The First Dew Cup Goes To?….Ryan Decenzo

Photo Courtesy Alli Sports

The Dew Cup in Skateboarding Street came down to a winner take all in Las Vegas. All bets where off as P-Rod and Ryan Decenzo took to a technical course to battle it out for 2011 Skate Street Dew Cup Champion. With one win a piece from 2 different venues, Las Vegas served up the first of many competitions that came down to the finals to determine your champion.

It was only after the lights came back up in The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel that the fireworks started to fly. After ascending to the top in the final jam, Decenzo nailed the coffin shut on P-Rod when he landed a nollie heelflip boardslide, a 360 flip down the gap, a frontside 360 down the stair set and a switch 270 frontside boardslide on the handrail.

“It feels amazing to accomplish something like this,” said Decenzo after winning his first Dew Cup.  “I’m super proud of myself and I can’t wait for whatever’s next.”  Decenzo skated consistently all season, placing second at the Dew Tour stop in Portland and winning in Salt Lake City.  He came to Las Vegas knowing that a first place finish would secure the Cup.  “I got off to a really solid start,” said Decenzo.  “It feels good to come to Las Vegas and win it.  I love Vegas.  They need more stuff like this here.”

With two wins on the tour this year and the overall title, expect Ryan Decenzo to be the odds on favorite in 2012 when the rails and ramps are once again challenged.

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