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Is it the Rookies Turn in BMX Park? Las Vegas Dew Tour Championships

Photo Courtesy Alli Sports

All season long in BMX Park, Kyle Baldock was on a tear. Throwing our tricks and runs that made even the most BMX savvy of riders blush. But was his reign of thrashdom going to carry all the way to the Dew Cup? No if the veteran Scotty Cranmer had something to say about it. Aided by a very close win over Kyle in Portland, Scotty Cranmer needed a Las Vegas victory and the luck of Sin City to clinch his first Dew Cup.

Under the Vegas sun, there was no shortage of heat as every rider keep the crowd on the edge of their seat as the best runs of the season were being displayed. Cranmer began his second run knowing that a top score would give him the season win and landed a big tailwhip on the drop in gap, a backflip double tailwhip and a corked 720 down the step down, throwing his bike into the air as the buzzer sounded. With Kyle Baldock crashing on his near perfect run in the final seconds the first place win and the Dew Cup was Scotty Cranmer’s.

“The Dew Cup is something I thought was out of my reach,” said Cranmer after his win.  “I just needed to have faith in myself. I’m at a good place right now, and my family and friends fueled me to get to this point.  I’m so grateful for them and this Dew Cup.  This is unbelievable.”

While BMX Park has been dominated by Daniel Dhers in recent years, the competition this year was fueled by parity. Could the wild riding by Baldock secure him the cup next year or will the ever consistent riding of Dennis Enarson finally bring him the trophy? 2012 will be a good year for BMX Park, till then we will never know.

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