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Next Up For Bubba Stewart is Failure

USA Today is reporting this morning that James “Bubba” Stewart has signed a contract to race stock cars with Joe Gibbs Racing. I used to have a high deal of respect for Joe Gibbs but he has made terrible racing decisions recently and signing Bubba is his biggest and most ridiculous reach ever. He signs big names and big mouths and occasionally it works out for him. But consistency and the overall win will never be in the Gibbs Racing future.

According to Gibbs Racing, they want to make a five year transformation of better competitiveness, and that Stewart wants to be a part of it. Fail! Going from dirt bikes to stock cars in completely different and this is just a loud move to generate interest in an average racing team.Pastrana is barely getting to stock cars and the only reason he will be remotely successful is his time behind a rally car. He can drive something that is wider than his own body.

“It’s a perfect fit,” said Stewart, “I thought there’d be a good chance to take everything to the next level with their program and my program. When (team owner Joe Gibbs) told me, ‘We feel we can do just as much for you as you can for us,’ I was sold. That was the relationship I wanted: Someone who wanted me as bad as I wanted to be here.”

Do you know why nobody wants you Bubba? You’re a loud mouth, pain in the side, not worth the money cancer that has alienated yourself from the sport that gave you a legit shot to be transcending. You’re not the charismatic person that your PR team tries to portray you as. Good luck reaching McGrath with any wins at all.

In signing a multiyear deal with JGRMX, Stewart, 25, is expected to race full time on a bike for at least the next three seasons, but he will begin dabbling immediately in stock cars. A test in a Late Model car is scheduled in a few weeks, and he hopes to squeeze in races in the K&N and Nationwide Series, feeder circuits to Sprint Cup, as early as next season.

As for me personally, if Stewart even gets to the point where he can drive in a legit race, I hope somebody gets underneath his bumper, gets him loose and puts him in the garage for the rest of his career.

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