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The Greed of X Games: Shame

Recently ESPN and X Games made this shocking announcement: One of the longest-running Winter X Games events, Snowmobile SnoCross racing will no longer be a part of the Winter X program, as of this coming January’s event in Aspen, Colo., X Games officials announced Thursday. SnoCross debuted in 1998 as the first motorized sport in X Games history, and had been contested every year since then. Speed & Style, which combines snowmobiling’s freestyle and racing disciplines, and adaptive SnoCross, are also being eliminated.

X Games Senior Director of Content Strategy Tim Reed said the decision to cut the events was complex and not tied strictly to budgets. “Ultimately, we’re trying to create and build the best event we can,” Reed said. “It’s never easy. We know there’s a lot going on in the industry and a lot of it is tied to the X Games. A lot goes into these decisions.”

The official statement read: “Each year the X Games monitor and evaluate the most appropriate sports for inclusion in each event and over time has continued to evolve in order to deliver the best product and most value for its athletes and fans. At this time, we decided that ESPN will focus on the disciplines of Snowmobile Freestyle and Best Trick and will not bring back the disciplines of SnoCross and Speed & Style to Winter X Games Aspen.

“SnoCross has been a great element of the Winter X Games for the past 14 years. We’ve enjoyed working with the athletes and look forward to seeing many of them in Aspen as they continue to compete in the other disciplines.”

T Squared sports has the most amazing piece of equipment called the BS Translator. After running the comments of Tim Reed through the BS Translator we got the underlying truth of his statement. Translation: We here at X Games are all about the TV product and not the athletes. We want as much money as possible and the fans, viewers and athletes we screw over along the way can just suck it up. But we wish them well wherever the land after we just dropped them like a bag of flaming poop.

Thank You Tim Reed for making it more abundantly clear that you have completely lost focus on what made your product great in the first place. Diversity, viewership and polarizing athletes from all different sports and walks of life. There are great athletes not named Shaun White just a heads up. The best part of snocross athletes is they are so opposite of the rich snobby ski lifestyle that feeds into the winter sports. The have the back country easy going attitude. They relate to viewers, you don’t Tim Reed.

If ESPN and X Games doesn’t figure out that they are screwing themselves over, soon they will have nothing to show for it. The fans will leave. Fans are not about to pay 15 dollar tickets to watch a practice event. Stop soaking the patrons that made your product great and made you money.

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