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Twisted Bindings – Your T Squared Preview

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

-Steve Jobs

With the winter season on our doorstep in Utah, our minds turn begin to wander to the ski resorts and opening day. Every year in Utah one or more resort makes some improvement to the resort to benefit us as riders. Whether you ski or snowboard, technology is constantly evolving to improve the comfort and ease of you powder day.

But what about snowboarding can be improved? The board shape and curvature have basically hit their plateau, bindings are bindings you buy what works for you. And what can you say about boots, except that over time they are more comfortable and allow you to walk normally in them now. So what needs fixing?

Leave it to the team at Twisted Bindings (www.twistedbindings.com) to figure out the answer to that question for you. Are you tired of doing the side step shuffle to the chair lift? Are you frustrated with not being able to comfortably use the footrest on the lift seat? Does you calf scream at you in pain after it bears the weight of holding your board onto your feet and it hangs there in the air on the lift? Thanks to Twisted Bindings problem solved.

With the Twisted Bindings rotational pad that is placed between the board and your binding all the above issues are solved. By allowing your lead foot to be parallel with the board, you can move about with ease to the chair lift. The Twisted Binding also allows you to sit straight forward in the chair lift, a safer sitting position and sitting forward provides you with the opportunity to access the footrest designed for you comfort.

The biggest and best part of the Twisted Binding is that it does not wear out your calf muscle. Having the board directional with your foot does not place any strain on the muscle while it holds the board up. You muscle doesn’t half to twist around the hold the board up while your foot is pointed to the side. By having relaxed muscles, you can enjoy and longer day on the slopes and faster recovery time the following day. Follow Twisted Bindings through the season @TwistedBindings

This last weekend at the Warren Miller World Premier of Like There’s No Tomorrow, T Squared took the bindings to test them out with the crowd. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive. Local rider and rookie snowboarder this year, Chris Allen said “The design is so simple and easy to use. I was worried that it would make my feet to high off of the board but they don’t”

As the winter season begins in earnest, T Squared Action Sports will be using the Twisted Bindings all season. Stay updated as we post reviews of the bindings and pictures of how they operate as the snow season continues. The T Squared Action Sports Gear Review is here for you so go Check It Out. www.tsquaredsports.com/gearreview.

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