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Photos Courtesy Alli Sports

This year in the tour, the points races to the Dew Cup were extremely close. And both BMX and Skateboarding Vert were no exception. By the time the Championships are upon us, Jamie Bestwick has the champagne on ice and all he has to do is show up. But wait! This year for the first time he needed all his best tricks to make the 7th straight Dew Cup his. And what about the Skateboarding Vert? PLG, Shaun or Bucky could walk away with the Dew Cup with a win. The drama was back in the finals and it was sorely missed.

The pressure and drama may have been to much as Steve McCann and Jamie Bestwick both had big falls in key moments opening the door for a new stop winner Vince Byron. He knocked out contenders Steve McCann and Jamie Bestwick with a run that consisted of a bar spin to tuck no hander, a double tail whip, opposite air, a 540 tuck no hander and finished with a 540 double tail whip. McCann and Bestwick joined Byron on the podium, finishing second and third respectively. However when all the points where settled in the end, Jamie rode away with his 7th Dew Cup, the undefeated Dew Cup Champion for at least another year.

“It’s amazing,” said Byron of his first first place victory. “I have no words to comprehend what just happened. I can’t believe it worked out this well. Jamie deserves the Cup. He just killed it. But, more and more people are coming into vert, so it’s always good for the sport.”

Pierre Luc-Gagnon won the Skate Vert Final and the 2011 Skate Vert Dew Cup. Familiar faces from the season’s previous podiums once again earned the judges votes, with Shaun White landing in a close second place and Bucky Lasek finishing in third. PLG’s solid winning run included a kickflip body varial 540, 720, switch heelflip 360 and a nollie heelflip indy 360.

“I’m so excited to win the Dew Cup again,” said PLG following his win. “This is what I’m working for all year. I’m glad it’s over, I’ve been nervous all day. Now I get to relax and stop growing gray hair.” PLG also shared his excitement to enjoy the win in Las Vegas. “It’s amazing being out here. It’s a prime location here at the Hard Rock in front of the pool. You couldn’t ask for a better location.”

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