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Are You Tuned Up For Winter

Melting in the P-Tex

It may come as a giant surprise, but there are in fact TWO holidays in the month of November. While one holiday leaves us full and sleepy in a coma of food and football, the other is Ski Resort Opening Day. With another round of snow, Mother Nature has welcomed you to her resorts to play for the holidays.

Unless you are a ski or snowboard fanatic like myself, you may have forgotten to get the pre winter tune up but have no fear with 13 locations in Utah, locally gown and run, Ski and See is there to make your experience fast and easy, all while delivering a professional product.

I spent a night with the Ski and See shop in Bountiful, Utah and watched a pair of skis with a few cosmetic issues be returned to performance shape. I found each step of the process fascinating; the most intriguing part about the experience was that since the beginning of time, the only thing that has changed about skis in their weight and shape. The materials to make them and the materials to repair them have remained since the beginning.

The Basic Tune Up that every rider needs before they hit the resorts is 30 dollars and is worth the money. The Basic Tune includes filling in your scratches in the bottom of the skis or boards with P-Tex, grinding the bottom of the skis to even them out, a wax and sharpening out the edges to give you the grip you need as you place your skis and boards into those tight turns down the runs.

The filling of the scratches and divots in the skis with the P-Tex was so simple it reminded me that new technology is not always the best solution. P-Tex is the same material that the bottom of the ski is made from, it’s extremely flammable and melts into the scratches and divots, evening them out and returning the ski to performance shape. It was welding for skis. From there the skis or boards are ground down to even out the bottom to apply an even coat of wax. From there the ski edges are sharpened giving them a 40 degree angle for you to have better edge control. The wax is then ironed into the pores of the skis and then shaved off leaving a nice thin layer of wax. The rest of the process has been made so efficient, that a technician can tune a pair of skis in under 10 minutes.

If you need more on top of the Basic Tune, they have it. From damage to the top of the ski or remounting some bindings, Ski and See is ready for you. Support Local.

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