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Hot Feet? Cold Feet? How About Comfortable Feet?

There are so many different insoles for your feet on the market. Which ones are good for you? Are there advantages to each different one? At times do you feel that they are all the same, that technology in foot soles has hit its peak? As insoles progress a company must find a niche to excel in to make themselves viable. Spenco Medical Technology has created the Flow Insole Series to cool off or warm up those feet while you are active. Thanks to Spenco, T Squared was able to spend a lot of time in the insole to help share with you why these insoles will work great for you.

The cool series is designed for walkers, runners and joggers. The reason for this target is that the insoles provide the comfort and support while reducing heat friction and heat buildup keeping your foot cool and performing at a better level. The contours built into the insole called Performance Contours, stabilize the arch and the heel providing alignment and better motion control. Air Channels and a specially designed heel pad allow for air to flow throughout the insole reducing the heat buildup. The reduced heat buildup help keep feet cooler. Reduced friction will help prevent blisters and provide increased energy return for improved athletic performance.



With the always changing seasons in Utah, you need to have equipment that changes as well. So for the winter runners and joggers, the Flow Warm insole was designed for you. The insole is designed with a Reflective Thermal Foil Barrier that helps retain your natural body heat. Built with a similar design as the cool series the air channels allow for the natural body heat to flow through the insole providing natural warmth. The same shock absorption and reduced friction helps keep you performing at top level.




The only thing that would make these insoles better would be to have them custom fit. But, with a one year unconditional gaurentee, the Spenco Insoles are good and versatile. Find your pair online http://www.spenco.com/products/footcare.com

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