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Look Local, See Season Five: The Barrier Vest

When I say Colorado what is your first thought? If you said skiing and Timmy Ra Ra Tebow, then you are right but uninformed. Turn your focus onto Breckenridge, Colorado to the SeasonFive Headquarters. What started out as a hobby for a prominent outdoorsman, has turned into some of the best outdoors apparel for your outdoors activities.

After spending summer and fall months in the SeasonFive Barrier Vest, it is on my Christmas Wish List. The style and fit on the Barrier Vest is highly functioning. The Barrier Vest is long through the torso allow full body coverage, the cut around the arms is high but does not ride into the pit of the arm. The neck is high and tight offering great protection from the sun and does not slide around the body while you are active. The Barrier Vest keeps the sun, wind and repels water away from you.

Each stitch on the vest is double stitched and sewed in a fashion that does not rub against the skin creating irritation. The fabric is soft, 4 way stretchable and breathes incredibly well. When you are active and your body sweats having apparel that wicks away the sweat and aides in the cooling process of the body you perform longer and at a higher level. The material is made to be water resistant, making the Barrier Vest a suitable alternative to traditional rash guards. The Barrier Vest is multi functional making you versatile as well.

While Utah and Colorado may be rivals in the Ski Industry, you should not overlook this product for your other outdoor recreation needs. With tops and bottoms for men’s and women’s, check out http://www.seasonfive.com/.

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