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The Solution to Your Winter Smart Phone Needs with 180s and Tec Touch

Our lives have changed drastically since Steve Jobs released the first iPhone and then subsequent companies have released their own smart phones. These devices bring unprecedented technology accessibility and interaction to our fingertips with such ease. The smart phone responds to the touch of the finger and nothing else, its a personal connection with your device.

But here in Utah, that connection with your device is cut off when the leaves fall and mother nature ushers winter to our state. Warmer clothing and gloves become a necessity of our wardrobe and the gloves make it difficult to work your smart phone. Unless you plan on moving the the beach and warmer environment, 180s Clothing Technology has a solution to this problem. Gloves with finger tips that simulate the touch of your finger tips.

Warmth and accessibility for the iPhone is here for you. The iPhone is technology at your finger tips and the Tec Touch gloves from 180s is the latest clothing technology at your fingertips. These warm, form-fitting Tec Touch gloves, designed with gel pads strategically placed in digital zones on the forefinger and thumb, deliver unsurpassed functionality with small handheld devices. Tec Touch pods on the index finger and thumb allow you to operate your iPod, iPhone or other touch screen device without removing your gloves.

From a basic fleece glove to a durable cold weather glove designed to provide superior warmth and dexterity for a variety of rugged outdoor activities, 180s provides eleven different glove styles to fit your style and needs. As a long time resident of the state, I recommend these gloves for the best use here in Utah. All of the gloves recommended include the Tec Touch Technology.

Conductor – The Conducter is a basic fleece glove to satisfy a quick trip outdoors or your routine commute to work. The synthetic palm patches are highly durable and provide outstanding tactile sensation.

Freestyle – Made from soft shell fabric maximizing comfort, this all-purpose mid-weight glove provides a performance fit and controllable warmth of theExhale Heating System; your hands will stay warm and dry all winter long. The Exhale Heating System offers on-demand warmth; warm your fingers with a quick blast of breath — without taking your gloves off. The Polyester insulation provides heavy-duty warmth, even when your gloves get wet and the extended cuff design provides additional protection and warmth from the winter elements. This is a great all day ski and snowboarding glove.

Urban – This versatile soft shell winter glove is soft and comfortable, designed for someone who wants a casual glove that blends warmth and elegant styling.

Performer – This is the glove for you Utah runners. The lightweight, stretch fleece performance glove offers you protection from the winter elements and with a new reflective pattern on the back of hand for increased visibility in low-light running conditions.

Enduro – The Enduro is the toughest and warmest glove of the 180s Collection. With the controllable warmth of the Exhale Heating System, Neoprene knuckle padding and cuff providing maximum impact protection and comfort this glove is built for the tough Utah winters. With a padded synthetic leather palm patches enhance grip in cold weather and reduce vibration making this a great glove for the snowmobilers in the State.

180s also offers scarfs and ear warmers with headphones imbedded into the material. They make sure the functionality of their product also meets fashion standards as well. You won’t be let down. www.180s.com. Stay Warm and Stay Connected.

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