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A Plea To Drivers and A Warning to Riders

Yesterday a story broke across the news of auto versus pedestrian accidents, one in particular of a jeep hitting a skateboarder. These stories serve as a reminder to everyone to please slow down, put your phone down and look beyond your nose. With gas prices increasing skateboarding, long boarding and bicycling have become more common on the streets. Not every rider on on these other forms of transportation is a pro, it is up to both the driver and the rider to pay attention.

Please drive the speed limit. Look beyond yourself and your car. Texting is against the law. Stop hiding your phone and look up, pay attention please.

Riders, please wear the proper safety equipment. I know helmets are not always the most fashionable piece of equipment, but they look a lot better than a neck brace holding your head in place.

Lastly as temperatures drop, ice coats the road making stopping time increase. I urge you to slow down and follow the speed limit.

Everyone can do their part to keep each other safe.

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