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My Christmas Wish List: Hopefully You’ve Been Good

Christmas is under a week away and if you are anything like me, you are just getting to shop for the ones you love. With the amazing outdoors we have in Utah, many of you like me ask for items that make playing outside more fun. So with that I present to you: My Favorite Things Built in the USA I want for Christmas.

1. Hamboards – grown and built in Huntington Beach, California the Hamboard is the skateboard of all skateboards. No other skateboard lets you ride our urban ocean of Utah, blow out a tail, walk the nose and pull a manual. These boards ride with grace and flow with ease. Save some gas and ride wherever you are going. You’ll be California stylin’ while you get in shape as a bonus. www.hamboards.com

2. Twisted Bindings – With the Twisted Bindings rotational pad that is placed between the board and your binding all the above issues are solved. By allowing your lead foot to be parallel with the board, you can move about with ease to the chair lift. The Twisted Binding also allows you to sit straight forward in the chair lift, a safer sitting position and sitting forward provides you with the opportunity to access the footrest designed for you comfort.
The biggest and best part of the Twisted Binding is that it does not wear out your calf muscle. Having the board directional with your foot does not place any strain on the muscle while it holds the board up. You muscle doesn’t half to twist around the hold the board up while your foot is pointed to the side. By having relaxed muscles, you can enjoy and longer day on the slopes and faster recovery time the following day. www.twistedbindings.com

3. Balconi Hats – The functional and stylish Balconi Hats are a must this season. The Balconi Hats protect your eyes and ears from the snow, rain and sun, and allow breathability. The Balconi hat is the prefect combination of hat and beanie. They are for every age, gender, and one size fits all comfortably. Different styles and colors are available at www.balconigear.com

4. Tahoe by CamelBak – with Stand-Up Paddle boarding on the rise everywhere, staying hydrated while paddling is a must. If you are anything like me, I don’t want to by tied down to a backpack to carry my water and a water bottle will surely be lost into the deeps of the water you’re surfing on so what is the solution? CamelBak has designed a waist pack hydration system for Stand-Up Paddling. The water pouch is 50 ounces, enough to hydrate you a full day of riding. Anther feature of the Tahoe pack is a slip holster for your paddle to be places in so you can use both hands if needed. The packs were designed to be completely versatile to everything you need while you are on the water. www.camelbak.com

5. Recon Mod Live – Point of View videos are in. They offer a perspective not many people get to experience first hand. But what personal information of your day? Let Recon Instruments fix that for you. Place the Mod Live in the Recon Ready Goggles and you get live real time information of your day on the slopes. Live statistics you see in your view include speed, jump analytics, vertical altitude, distance, location, temperature and more. Maximize your performance with real time data, great for the park rider in your home. www.reconinstruments.com

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