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Anaheim, California Welcomes SuperCross to 2012

Even though most of the country is into the winter routine, Anaheim, California welcomed back the 2012 AMA SuperCross Series last night in Angel Stadium. 2011 Champion on the number 1 bike took the hole shot built a 20 second led and coasted to the win. For those fans that were not in the stands, Speed Channel brought the action to you live, something that will be available throughout the AMA Supercross season. After the first race of the season here are a few thoughts:

1. When you’re number 1, you should be shown more. Speed routinely was focusing in on other riders of the race. They rarely showed Ryan Villapoto racing in the led. He became the sixth rider to win back-to-back season openers in Anaheim. Speed; focus on what’s making the sport go, and not the drama stories behind the scenes. When an athlete dominates the sport they are in, they are the one the camera follows, its embarrassing that Villapoto never made the camera until the end of the race for the win.
2. To be a good racer you need good equipment but you need focus. Focus is what James Stewart doesn’t have. After the big move to JGRX Racing, Stewart was given top of the line equipment and his mouth continued writing more checks that it he will undoubtedly bounce. Stewart is more focused on his ego than racing. He made countless errors that cost him a podium spot and most likely a season top 3 finish. His crash with 5 laps to go was so blatantly stupid, I’m sure Joe Gibbs lost what gray hair he has left. Focus more on the course in front of you, not the ridiculous talking and the go-pro mounted to your head. The go-pro you mounted to your head performs better than you and it’s a camera. Do the racing world a favor: either shut up and race or just bow out. Personally I recommend getting out.
3. Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey and Ivan Tedasco look to be in great shape. All three look to improve on past seasons and look to be a podium presence. While Reed and Dungey came in second and third respectively in Anaheim, Tedasco looks trim and fit and raced hard for Carey Hart. Look for them to be a factor in the finals in Las Vegas in May.

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